Welcome to GreenpowerIndia

GreenpowerIndia is part of the Global Greenpower STEM Program which focus on providing STEM learning at early age.
Greenpower STEM program provides an excellent Project Based Learning platform to students for them to learn about
engineering and innovation by doing practical work and unleashing their creativity.

Our Objectives

Hands on Practice
To bridge the GAP between Education Segment and Industries and to provide students hands on practice so that they can learn the things by understanding the concept.

Promote STEM
To promote STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) from early age school to college/University to Interns in Industry.

How GreenpowerIndia is better

  • Electrical is the future so we are using only electrical cars rather than petrol, gasoline etc.
  • The weight of Greenpower Cars is less.
  • More Economical
  • Project Based Learning
  • Greenpower India is also focusing on school going students so that STEM education concepts can be started from very young age.

Project Based Learning

No doubt Project Based Learning helps in retaining. grasping, real world linking and last but not the least helps in applying Mind, Body all synchronized together as Holistic Learning.

Why Project Based Learning (PBL)?
  • PBL improves learning.
  • PBL provides opportunities for students to use technology.
  • PBL builds success skills for college, career, and life.
  • PBL makes school and colleges more engaging for students.
  • PBL makes teaching more enjoyable and rewarding.
  • PBL helps in understanding standards while designing and building.
  • PBL connects students and schools with Industry, Corporate and Real World